1. Intuitive, Personal Planning

By proactively suggesting and planning trips, we ensure vacation is a priority. Your dedicated Vacation Ambassador isn’t just thinking about this year - they also consider your five or ten-year vacation plan and how your experiences should evolve as your family evolves. Think of them as your vacation fairy godmother. They intuit the perfect destination and your dream residence, then connect all the dots to get you there without any hassles. Trusting someone else to take care of the travel logistics allows you to focus on what really matters—connecting with family.

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2. Reconnect Under One Roof

Unlike a hotel, where families are spread out, ER residences are designed to gather a family together around the dinner table, in front of the fire or on the back deck. Expansive gathering spaces, including great rooms anchored by fireplaces and large al fresco patios with plunge pools and grills, encourage family members to relax and reconnect. Chef-grade kitchens mean you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast in your PJs, rather than a hectic morning in line at the hotel breakfast buffet. And spacious dining rooms (indoor and out) beckon communal family dinners where the day’s adventures are shared over your favorite wines and foods that evoke a sense of place and culture.

3. One-Step-Ahead Service

ER’s signature service guarantees that your vacation begins as soon as you step foot off the plane. You’ll never waste time cleaning the dishes or making the beds. The chores and responsibilities of daily life are left behind so you have time to actually enjoy your vacation with family. Relinquish all control to your on-site Concierge who will take care of the small stuff, from stocking your fridge and pantry to arranging for private chef meals and special moments for those celebratory occasions. With ER’s daily housekeeping service, your home will always be in tip top shape by the time you return from your day’s adventures.

4. Experiences that Connect Families

Family bonds are forged over shared experiences. ER’s 50+ pre-planned itineraries encourages families to make memories while discovering far flung destinations and expanding their minds (and palates). Watch history lessons come to life for kids while attending Gladiator School in Rome or teach them the importance of conservation on a safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Celebrate shared passions by attending Once-in-a-Lifetime Events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco or the Master’s at Augusta National Golf Club. Annual Journeys like ER’s Members-only Seabourn Cruise forge new friendships over shared experiences and turn our like-minded tribe into one big family.

5. A Journey for All Generations

The best gift you can give your family is time together and an ER Membership allows you to share ER vacation days with loved ones, ensuring generations continue to bond together while making memories. Unlike a hotel or a second home, the Club’s diverse portfolio of experiences appeals to every facet of your family, ensuring there is always a new way to connect or reconnect with the ones you love. The flexibility of an ER Membership means you can use days for long weekend with your spouse in Paris or for a multi-generational summer getaway in Sea Island, Georgia. Fathers and sons can bond over golf trips to St. Andrews, while mothers and daughters can unwind and reconnect during a spa weekend in Tucson. We know family comes first, so we’ve created endless opportunities for you and your family to connect year after year, for generations to come.

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