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Marathon of Meals

Pecorino, salami, and come-hither grilled meat and pasta. An Italian mission tha t’s simple yet seductive: Mangia! A winter visit to Tuscany reveals off-season opportunities of lazy lunches, history buffs, and serious truffle smuggling.

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You want to take the kids on an Italian holiday, but you’re nervous. How do you let the kids be kids, and still have a good time yourself? Relax. We got this. Come along on this special trip to Italy designed just for families—the whole family, with something amazing for everyone, young and old. We’ll take care of the details, and you and the kids enjoy a trip you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Our journeys enhance our members' knowledge of the world, exposing them to new cultures and adventures they might never have experienced on their own.

Gina Bach

Things To Do

Travel today is the ultimate badge of honor. Here are a few experiences you can shout from the rooftops and check off your bucket list.

things to do

Get exclusive access to the hypogeum at the Coliseum, and send the kids to “Gladiator School.”

things to do

Enjoy a private, after-hours visit to the Vatican and Sistine Chapel.

things to do

Enjoy private cooking classes in Rome and Florence, where kids will learn to make pizza, cookies, and other great carbs.


Postcard from a Member

I'm a collector of...worry-free vacations. Trips such as this with Exclusive Resorts is the only way to go. Being taken care of from the time you reach the destination to the time of departure leaves one with the feeling of no worries.

Marti Gistaro, 2006

Where You'll Go:


Stop 1

You'll get the Grand Tour of Rome, with an exclusive, after-hours tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel.


Stop 2

After a high-speed train ride to Tuscany, go on a Segway treasure hunt in Florence, climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and bike along the top of Lucca's medieval walls.


Stop 3

The city of Venice never looked as splendid as it does from your luxury hotel on a private island in Venice Lagoon. Explore Piazza San Marco and dine on Venetian cuisine

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