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We know that new experiences open hearts and expand minds, and we are certain that immersive excursions and authentic journeys enrich lives exponentially. Don’t believe it? Just talk to any of the members who have joined us to trek with gorillas in Uganda or who watched The Masters from the gallery at the Augusta National Golf Club - only two of the experiences eagerly enjoyed by members of Exclusive Resorts.

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Grand Cayman gives you the perfect balance of experiencing the island life and its natural beauty and still having the conveniences and safety that you want when traveling internationally.

- Karisha Cohen, Concierge Supervisor
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" Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world and it doesn’t take long to realize why. Golden palaces, floating markets, beautiful temples, and delicious food are only part of what awaits."
- David Westerman, Manager of Member Services

Experience Egypt like none other! Let Exclusive Resorts wrap you in a blanket of safety, access and service. We will take care of it all.

- Liz Brodahl, Ambassador Trip Lead
" The views and the units are spectacular, and the concierge staff is unbelievable. "
- William Shopoff, Member since 2005

Real del Mar is a luxury treat for our guests with all the comfort of a great high-end resort; with the colors, feels and tastes of the Real Mexico.

- Mario Dominguez, Dedicated Concierge

Our Journeys enhance our Members' knowledge of the world, exposing them to new cultures and adventures they might never have experienced on their own.
- Gina Bach, Sr. Director of Exclusive Journeys

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