“Taste this!” says Morgan Urich. I’m standing at Cypress Creek Farm and after Urich, the Farm Facilitator, pulls a bright green okra straight from its vine, I understand her enthusiasm for this fertile stretch of farmland, as it’s the tastiest okra I’ve ever had. With farm tours, chicken-keeping classes, bee-keeping programs, and mushroom education, Cypress Creek Farm informs Miraval Austin’s unique programming. Over the next few days, my skin, senses, and muscles are treated to a barrage of farm-derived ingredients: honey, pecans, peaches, and more. In fact, Miraval’s signature Petal Pecan Facial is so decadent that when the all-organic, plant-derived Laurel Skin products are applied to my face, they smell so yummy they make me hungry.

Located on the 30,000 acre-Balcones Canyonland Preserve and opened just last year, Miraval Austin and its farm-to-spa concept is primed to deliver unique pampering in addition to spiritual sessions and plenty of yoga and fitness. “The aspects of the preserve were a perfect metaphor for the nurturing and discovery we want our guests to experience,” says Director of Spa and Wellbeing David Preslar. “Guests can visit the farm and participate in the harvest process to create a connection with the abundance of healing that nature can provide with plants.” Here’s what’s not to miss on your next spa getaway.

Plant Power

“All of the heavy-hitting, anti-aging ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin A, and hyaluronic acid are found in plants,” says Laurel Shaffer, founder of Laurel Skin and pioneer of “slow beauty.” Akin to the slow food movement, which aims to preserve biodiversity, her vision is anchored in the power of plants. A skin-specific herbalist and former sommelier, Shaffer’s all-organic, seed-to-bottle line of products is inspired by both land and location.

“It’s easy for me to see any plant as medicinal and then shine a light on it in a way that makes it effective,” she says. “At Miraval Austin, we’re using their honey—a beautiful ingredient.” That honey anchors the aforementioned Petal Pecan Facial, exclusively designed for Miraval Austin and based on ingredients grown on the nearby farm. After a cleansing and exfoliation, the facial employs Laurel Skin’s specially-designed Petal Pecan Mask, which smells as good as it feels. The 80-minute treatment also features a warm facial tea compress, facial tapping with local honey to stimulate lymph and circulatory movement, and a traditional poultice facial massage with home-grown herbs harvested from Cypress Creek Farm to nourish and increase connective tissue health. Lastly, an application of hydrating aloe and customized organic plant serums and balms leave my skin with a dewy glow.

Star Power

Emily Klintworth, award-winning writer and astrologer, leads a fun educational session titled “Astrology of Love, Relationships, and The Self.” Prior to arriving at Miraval, guests provide their time, place, and date of birth, and Klintworth, author of Claiming Your Power Through Astrology and Your Cosmic Compass, teaches the interconnected nature of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Attendees will learn about both the relationships they attract, and those that are quickly diffused. What’s more, she explains each attendee’s chart, helping to leverage life lessons we have been cosmically positioned to learn.

Mind Power

Each Miraval property emphasizes the power of being present, and Miraval Austin’s Floating Mediation has fast become a guest favorite. Held in a gorgeous yoga barn overlooking the property, the class focuses on the calming benefits of expert-led meditation while suspended above the floor in womb-like purple silk hammocks. As you rock to the soothing and stimulating sounds of crystal bowls, the mind settles and the spirit is lifted. Floating weightlessly in the air, this is a short, 45-minute experience with maximum impact.