If inspiration is in short supply, a change of scenery might be the boost you need. These wellness retreats deliver it all: pampering body treatments, soulful yoga practices, and inspired cuisine that blur the line between good and good for you. The result? A body reboot and bright new outlook.

Cal-A-Vie: Vista, California

For more than 30 years, Cal-A-Vie has helped guests renew both mind and body. Workout options run the gamut from challenging trapeze adventures and pool cycling classes to rejuvenating yoga in a candlelit, 300-year-old French chapel. Zen seekers will discover emotional clarity through instruction in origami, formal Japanese tea service, and Zentangle, which combines drawing and meditation. At the spa, the resort’s vineyards and lavender fields serve as an inspiration for vinotherapy treatments like lavender-infused grape seed scrubs. Additional sensory delights include water reflexology and assemblage point alignment, an ancient art designed to leave you with enhanced energy and increased well-being.

Life Force: World-wide

Life Force takes the journey to wellness on the road, creating fully immersive programs aimed at revealing hidden strength, inner peace, and vitality at stunning destinations across the globe. Experiences are driven by their location. In Costa Rica, find harmony with nature in a spacious four-bedroom cliffside villa surrounded by the rainforest, and via guided stand-up paddle boarding classes, in-residence spa services, and customized yoga and mindfulness sessions. Travelers to Maui, Hawaii, will be immersed in the spirit of aloha at Spa Montage Kapalua Bay, where the pristine beach is just a short walk away, expert spa therapists customize ideal treatments just for you, and an eco-adventure package can be curated for you and your travel pod. And in Scottsdale, Arizona, experience the serenity of the desert with hikes on Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain, crystal clear nights spent cozied up next to a wood-burning fireplace, and stunning views from the private hot tub. Wherever you’re summoned, you’ll be joined by top professional chefs, yoga masters, naturalists, and other Life Force experts to guide you along the way.

Miraval: Tucson, Arizona

Live in the moment at this Arizona desert oasis, where activities range from traversing a tightrope strung 35 feet above the earth to myriad equine experiences, each geared toward finding one’s center and cultivating an elevated awareness of mind, body, and spirit. Some endeavors, such as the challenge course, use physical and mental courage to facilitate trust and balance. Others, such as a Kintsugi pottery class, in which guests reassemble shattered pottery, quietly celebrate the beauty of imperfection. The resort’s resident honeybees are part of the program, too, offering lessons on harmony and coexistence. No matter which expression you choose, be sure to save time for relaxing in the spa, perhaps with an intuitive massage that borrows from both Native American and Peruvian modalities.

The Ranch Malibu

It takes more than dry January to fully detox your mind and body, which is why the The Ranch Malibu has crafted a carefully calibrated program which includes a four-hour hike each morning, afternoon strength training, restorative yoga or meditation sessions, scheduled naps, a weekly sound bath, and daily massages leaving you restored and revived. By temporarily turning your life over to this caring and experienced team of professionals, you’ll emerge with a healthier body, an appreciation of nature, and a clarified mind able to move through life’s challenges with purpose and intention.