Located in the serene Sonoran desert, Miraval’s Life in Balance Spa draws from global inspiration and natural remedies. Ten years ago, during my first visit to Miraval Resort & Spa, I experienced a surprising withdrawal. Realizing I’d be unplugged (cell phone use is limited at the resort), this technological detox was a total departure from my daily life. Prior to that initial introduction, I hadn’t learned how to best incorporate mindfulness and wellness practices.

Now, I return to Miraval at least twice a year to recharge, re-center, and decompress. Akin to yoga, which is always referred to as a practice, wellness, too, is a practice, and one that is never completely mastered. Today, I welcome the digital detox, my cell blessedly tucked away as I navigate the beautiful surroundings and experience Miraval’s many offerings. Miraval “sources” you. Many aspects of our lives can deplete us or create negative energy, including stress, anxiety, illness, and loss. As such, these Five Dimensions of Wellness can be experienced at Miraval and also practiced at home: 1) Physical Wellness (exercise, healthy eating, rest, sleep) 2) Emotional Wellness (experiences of joy, play, fun) 3) Mental Wellness (learning, growing, reading, expanding your mind) 4) Spiritual Wellness (yoga, meditation, gratitude) 5) Relational Wellness (connecting with others, communication, intimacy, community).

I finally learned how to quiet my mind and reach a level of clarity never experienced before.

Sharon Wax ,Member Since 2003

During my many visits to Tucson, my physical well-being is served at Miraval via the numerous exercise classes offered, delicious, healthy food, and an amazing menu of spa treatments and services. After a luxurious day of pampering and restoration, I enjoy a nighttime Jacuzzi in the privacy of my Exclusive Resorts villa and relax under the desert stars. (And the bed, that big cloud of down feathers? I’m unsure if it’s the bed, or simply the inner peace feel while there, but I’ve never slept better!) Cardio Drumming and Zumba are my go-to classes; they are simply so much fun. As adults, we often can forget how to play. What better way to support my emotional well-being than the joy from dancing and the laughter created when I look in the mirror. I also cherish lectures by women’s health expert Sheryl Brooks and wellness counselor Anne Parker. I gain knowledge from these Miraval leaders and the discussion generated by other guests; no matter how often I’ve attended, the take-away is always a new and interesting perspective. This expands my mind and mental well-being.

Additionally, Miraval offers opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I was never into meditation, because I just didn’t get it. However, I never tried it until I visited Miraval. I finally learned how to quiet my mind and reach a level of clarity never experienced before. Everyone discovers spirituality in his or her own, unique way. For me, it was through the journey of meditation. 

And Miraval’s greatest gift? The women I’ve befriended while there. Exclusive Resorts is now offering Member Gatherings, and I hosted the inaugural event last October. It was an opportunity for members visiting Miraval to connect and get to know one another. Although I’m fortunate to have many friends at home, there’s something wonderful that can happen when you get to know someone not connected to the rest of your life. We can often be more vulnerable and open with someone outside our social circle. These unique friendships foster my relational well-being. A magical place, Miraval sources me on several levels. I’m practicing incorporating what I’ve experienced there into my everyday life. By identifying what sources us, we each have more power to create positive energy to counter balance the negative that is created by life challenges. The more we consciously fill our cup, the greater the capacity we have to manage those things that deplete us. When I depart from Miraval and head home, my cup overflows.