Chicago-based couple Matt and Kimberly Gray use their vacations as an opportunity to relax, recharge and reconnect. Since joining the Club in 2012 we’ve helped plan more than 28 trips for their family, from the beaches of Abaco to the streets of Spain.

Why is Exclusive Resorts a great investment for families? 

Kimberley: Exclusive Resorts has really enriched our lives. One of the nicest things for us has been watching the kids experience things for the first time and living these moments with them. We’ve created so many wonderful memories with the kids. It’s been wonderful being able to watch them grow up through these vacations. We can literally look back through our photo books and watch them grow up. We really feel the kids benefit a lot from these experiences and from learning new things, whether it’s being comfortable on skis or being comfortable out in the ocean and swimming.

Matt: I think the best thing you can do with kids is give them an experience rather than a thing. Experiences make our lives richer.

How has your Membership made travel easier?

Kimberley: The planning stages of a trip can be so overwhelming. We’ve rented homes with people before and it’s a lot of work finding a place and then still not exactly knowing what you’re going to get. With Exclusive Resorts, we know exactly what to expect, even if we’re going somewhere that we’ve never been before. Exclusive Resorts takes care of the little things so that vacation can start as soon as you arrive. Having all of that planning in place makes travel a lot less stressful.

Why choose Exclusive Resorts over a vacation home or a hotel?

Kimberley: As a family, it’s been very nice to travel and stay in a home under one roof. Being able to come home at the end of an active day and put a home cooked meal on the table or sit around at night and play games is really important for us. You miss out on those small moments—wonderful bonding time—when you stay in hotels. Exclusive Resorts gives us the best of both worlds because we get to enjoy the comforts of home and all of the amenities of a resort are right at our fingertips.

Matt: When we were thinking about buying a vacation home we realized it’s a lot of money, it’s a lot of maintenance and headaches, it’s a lot of time and there’s no flexibility.

How do you use your days?

Kimberley: We love to get away during the winter and we will typically try to take one week of ski and one week of beach. Then, we’ll try to use a week in the summer to go somewhere that we can be active together—hiking, biking—in the outdoors. We’ll fill in the rest of that time with quick weekend getaways, with or without the kids, and a couple of nights in Chicago.

How does Exclusive Resorts help make time with family a priority?

Kimberley: It’s hard to make time for vacation, but with Exclusive Resorts you set those vacation days aside right from the start of the year and plan out trips because you have days to use. It’s a wonderful problem to have, finding time for all of these vacations. And with small children, it’s a chance to get away from the hustle of everyday life and spend time with them. To be able to take some time off to experience things and places with your children is so important. And the more we do with the kids the easier it becomes to travel with them.

Matt: Before we joined the Club, I would have taken one trip a year, but there was a moment in my life where I said, ‘Hey, I have kids. I have a family. I’m probably working too hard. Maybe it’s time to shift gears and reprioritize some of the things that are out there in life.’ With Exclusive Resorts, we pre-book our vacations, sometimes a year or even two years out. That really allows us to plan our lives and schedules around the time away together.

What sets the Exclusive Resorts service apart?

Kimberley: Everyone at Exclusive Resorts goes above and beyond to help you. The Club treats its Members like part of the family. They care about you and your family and they care about making your vacations and your experiences the best they can be.

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