Top takeaway from the trip: 

Exclusive Resorts’ Poro Poro Clubhouse and surrounding private community are the perfect ways to experience Costa Rica. The residences are luxurious and include stunning views of the deep blue waters. And beyond all the usual top-notch amenities of Exclusive Resorts facilities, the staff is superb. Every meal was graciously served and delicious. Every question or request was promptly addressed. Plus, this may be the only Exclusive Resorts property where daily entertainment is provided by a passing gang of mischievous white-faced monkeys!  
Never thought I’d experience:  

We will never forget the celebration to commemorate our 500th night with Exclusive Resorts. A champagne toast, a very special cake, a basket of wine and fruit, and the warm wishes of the entire staff are an example of the hospitality always present with Exclusive Resorts.  
If you go:  

Be sure to get on the water—a sunset cruise, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing or swimming off the beach.  Zipline through the trees or go on a nature hike. Take your camera so you can see it all again when you get home. 
Favorite foodie find:  

Fresh tuna ceviche made by Chef Nico at the Poro Poro Clubhouse is the best you’ll ever eat  
Not to miss: 

Take a sunset cruise and stop by Playa Huevos with the caves. Near Monkey Island, the sunset will be stunning. 
If I return I would: 

Take the whole family, stay in the Jicaro 11 residence again, and take gifts for Ricardo, Ronald, and all the staff! 
Most photo-worthy moment:

Karen catching a yellow-fin tuna for our dinner. 
Most memorable experience (of all 500 nights!) with Exclusive Resorts:

The first night of the Botswana safari, when elephants arrived for a dinner of tree leaves over our tent; a sunrise boat ride on the Amazon in Brazil; riding a camel in Egypt; climbing Huayna Picchu mountain above Machu Picchu; and driving a jeep through Patagonia. All are super memories, as are days spent with our family and friends in beautiful and serene locations like Hawaii.