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Our portfolio of more than 400 luxury residences and global experiences grants privileged access to the world’s most wonderful places, from sought-after resorts and private clubs to remote and still wild corners of our planet. Watch how we've transformed the lives of our 4,000 delighted members. 

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Jeremy & Molly Y.
Members since 2004
"After learning about the benefits of Exclusive Resorts and experiencing the incredible destinations and services, we were completely sold. It's one of the best decisions we have ever made."
Tom R.
Member since 2002
"We use the club a minimum of 40 days a year. It's a big piece of our life. It's our second home. The beauty of using Exclusive Resorts now is that our kids are older - they really want to come on vacation with us."
Peter D.
Member since 2013
"I haven't seen anything that would compare to this."
Stephanie E.
Member since 2008
"Our concierge knew what I wanted and needed before I did! We were overwhelmed by the attention to detail."

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