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When travel is at its best, real connections are made. Whether it's during dinner at our Private Beach Club in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica, or on the golf course at our annual Member tournament, there is always a buzzing of excitement and camaraderie between Members and their families. Some meeting for the first time. Others (like 20 couples who met on a Baltic Cruise in 2010) reuniting each year. Our Members may have joined Exclusive Resorts for the vacation experiences but it is the friendships they forge with like-minded travelers and the bonds they strengthen with family that last a lifetime.

Why I Joined

Our loyal Members share what drew them to the Club.

"Exclusive Resorts does everything for you. We are so much more adventurous now. We see a destination like Antarctica and we can say, let’s go, because we know Exclusive Resorts will provide an amazing experience and do all of the planning."

—Barry M., Member Since 2006.

“As our kids get older and get married we can give them each an Exclusive Resorts week to do their own thing. There’s a legacy to the Membership.”

—Amy and Ed S., Members Since March 2015.

"Since joining Exclusive Resorts, our boys have been on nearly a trip a month. They’ve explored, shopped, eaten and made friends in various cities across the U.S., Europe, and the Caribbean.”

—Holly C., Member Since August 2010.

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