We love our homes, their surrounding communities, and the memories made during our Members’ travels. From the corporate office in Denver to our teams across the globe, ER gives back in unique ways. We invite you to take part in Earth Day by learning how your choice of travel gives back, or by going out and making this day your own.

ER Cares - In the Local Community

Exclusive Resorts has a dedicated Philanthropic Committee, encouraging and supporting employees based in the Denver office to take part in local charities and annual events. We’ve partnered with Mercy Housing and Make-A-Wish Colorado, as they’ve proven to espouse the same values we have – they bring people together and care for them as family. This past year, the Denver team has taken part in donating and distributing toys for local families, building and painting affordable housing, working at local food banks, and taking part in the Walk for Wishes.

I'm passionate about the societal, economic, and environmental impact of my work and my actions. It has been inspiring to work with Exclusive Resorts to find new ways we can improve and continue giving back.
Julia Branstrator ,Ambassador since 2016

ER Cares - In the Global Community

Giving back is second nature in many ER destinations. The next time you’re on a trip, be sure to ask your Concierge what they do in their local community. For example, Kiawah Island serves as a vital nesting beach for Loggerhead turtles. A group of volunteers helps to ensure these nests are marked, protected, and tracked each summer during nesting season. A nesting patrol locates new nests each morning, collects one egg for DNA sample (so movement can be tracked along the South Carolina coastline), and moves nests when necessary to more protected areas.

Turtle nests are closely monitored until the eggs hatch. While each nest has somewhere between 100-150 eggs, 75% of those hatched typically make it to the water, and only 1 in 100 loggerheads survive to adulthood. Because of development along the coast, these turtles have a very low survival rate. The volunteer program was created to make sure Kiawah Island does their part to get these turtles out to sea. Kiawah Island hosts between 200-400 nests per season – without nest protection, hatch rates have been under 10% historically.

Not only are we inspired by our Concierge teams giving back to their communities, we are also moved by the work done by ER Members. While in-residence, the Davis family does their part by using iNaturalist, an organization dedicated to connecting citizen scientists. They use the smartphone app to document bird species and track their migratory patterns. Download the app for your next trip, whether you’re on safari or watching the monkeys from your patio in Costa Rica!

ER Cares - Through Energy Management

You may have seen signs in the bathroom of some residences with small ways Members can reduce their footprint on vacation. We’re saving plastic by using fewer large bath amenity bottles rather than many smaller ones. We will change your sheets on request, but our new standard is to only do so mid-week. You can also save gallons of water by reusing your towels when it’s possible, rather than getting replacements every time.

Did you know? Behind the scenes, we have been retrofitting our homes. ER has taken the initiative to research and implement energy-efficient appliances and devices within our homes and clubhouses. Since 2012, we have steadily invested in high-efficiency appliances such as pool pumps, HVAC systems, water heaters, and irrigation systems. Additionally, ER has continued to advance the education of its maintenance teams to sustain these systems throughout their life cycles. A few of these destinations include Kohala Coast, Costa Rica, Real del Mar, and Vail and Beaver Creek, with more destination improvements on the horizon. We continue to find ways to minimize our impact while improving the experience of our Members staying in our beautiful homes.

We care about the health of the families staying in our homes, and we care about the teams and communities that make our portfolio special. We are inspired by our team and our Members doing their part. There’s always room to improve, and we plan to continue to do so every day. Our purpose is to bring people together and care for them as family, so that you can focus on what matters most. 

Happy Earth Day!